Another mass poisoning of eagles, but now in a different way

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In recent years, numerous illegal poisonings were discovered, and as in the last case that occurred three weeks ago, all of those targeted almost exclusively predators. MME/Birdlife along with nature conservation organizations and concerned authorities managed to step up against it with success in several cases, thus its occurrence has been significantly reduced compared to the period of 2011-2013.

Three Eagle Owl chicks brutally killed and hastily buried

08.05.2019 - BirdLife Austria reports a horrific discovery from the Western Weinviertel region in Lower Austria. On 6th May a passionate birdwatcher notified the bird conservation organisation of a sad finding: Three five-week-old Eagle Owl chicks had been brutally punched to death and burried nearby their nest. The police have been notified and are currently investigating this case.

BirdLife Austria is using tracker dogs to help protect Raptors

The main cause of death for raptors in Central Europe is illegal persecution from humans. Even species which are endangered and strictly protected, such as the Imperial Eagle, are regularly shot or poisoned. In addition to the international PannonEagle LIFE Project, Birdlife Austria is financing the education of two Nature Conservation Dogs to train them to become tracker dogs for the search for animal corpses and poisonous baits.